It is very common nowadays for people to visit other countries on vacation or business trip.

Immediate question comes to your mind when you plan to visit a country is, how do I contact family and friends back home? If you stay in a hotel that provides free WiFi then it’s very easy to communicate using any messenger applications in your smartphone.

However you can’t expect to get free WiFi when you are outside or visiting places.

Here are few tips to plan yourself to call back home while you travel outside your country.

  • Check with your service provider first for the available cheaper plans to use while travelling in other countries and enable the plan for the period of your travel.
  • Install more than one messenger applications (WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc…) in your smartphone to make use of free WiFi whenever available.
  • Carry international power adaptor or compatible charger for your phone
  • It’s good idea to carry power bank and car charger also to charge your phone when you are outside.
  • If you have an unlocked phone, check in local stores before you travel. They may have cost effective prepaid plan to the country of your travel
  • If you have unlocked phone, find the process and the documents needed to get a sim card in the country that you plan to travel. In some countries it may take longer to activate a sim card.

Phoning in Belize


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