Usage, Flexibility, Reliability


The first two items I would like to discuss from the title are flexibility and reliability so after taking my screenshots I needed a way to get them back to my laptop to get them up to this page and well I don’t have a USB port, my bluetooth on my Mac and Phone do not get along with one another so Google Drive was the first obvious thought.. it was not the first application I intended to review but due to it saving my brain too much hard work .. it gets the honour of becoming and forever being known as the first, numero uno!

Keeping it simple, it did exactly what I wanted it to do, at a speed that worked for me, I wanted an entire folder onto my Google Drive synced in a flash.. so I headed over the Gallery, long pressed on my folder to select the entire thing, hit the share button hit the Google Drive button done.. everything is now syncing..perfect .. well almost.

If your anything like me and I really hope your own sake you are not but if you are you struggle with the need to put things into specific places, everything has its own folder, files should be neat etc.. The one click share option did exactly what I wanted it to do in the sense that I would have been happy for another screen in the process to ask me where exactly i.e create a new folder however that’s not what happened instead I ended up with some 25 files dumped into the root of my Google Drive which then echoed on my laptop.. my need to sort and order went into overdrive and well the rest is history.

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